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"We should be inside, loading up on treasure. Worry-scales here thinks we should wait, though. Don't get any ideas, either. We were here first."

Salma is a Redguard adventurer who can be found accompanying Beem-Ja just outside Ironbind Barrow. She is quite eager to enter the barrow but seems to have lost her nerve to actually do so, until the Dragonborn indicates that he or she is heading inside.


Coming of AgeEdit

Salma and Beem-Ja are out to explore Ironbind Barrow and obtain its treasure, but Beem-Ja has other, darker, plans.


Coming of Age

"I don't care what Beem says. It's high time we get in there and find our fortune."

What do you expect to find inside? "Gold, silver. Gems, maybe? Only one way to find out!"
What's going on? "I don't care what Beem says. It's high time we get in there and find our fortune."
I don't know about you, but I'm going in there. "Not without us, you aren't! I'm sure there's enough for everyone, after all. Come on, Beem-Ja. We're going."

"You can't shake us off that easily. Let's see what's here!"

After killing Beem-Ja:

"Father never trusted Beem. I always thought he was just being overprotective."

What will you do now? "I don't know. Beem-Ja has looked after me since I was knee-high to him. I need to rest, and then I think I'm going back to High Rock. Go on without me. I think I need to be alone for a while."
Don't you want your treasure? Riches, and all that? "Look, I never needed treasure. My father owns land; our family is wealthy. I just wanted adventure. Not this. Go on without me. I think I need to be alone for a while."


Coming of Age

Salma: "How can you just sit there and wait? We should be in there!"
Beem-Ja: "We must gather our strength. Who knows what's inside?"
Salma: "Treasure, that's what! Get off your scaly rump and let's go!"
Beem-Ja: "[notices player] Hush, Salma. We aren't alone."

Beem-Ja: "Don't rush ahead. This is a trap if I ever saw one."
Salma: "Would you look at that!"

Beem-Ja: "This is it! Gathrik awaits us!"
Salma: "What are you on about? Let's just get the treasure here and go."


  • "Let's clear the place out first. Then we'll gather our loot."
  • "This place is sure to make us rich!"
  • "Eyes open. Danger could be anywhere."
  • "That's done it! Let's get in there." ―Upon unlocking Gathrik's tomb
  • "Beem-Ja!" ―After killing Beem-Ja


  • For an inexperienced adventurer, she seems to be well-equipped, with Steel Plate armor, an Elven, Orcish or Ebony shield, and a low-level magical melee weapon (her armor, shield and enchanted weapon strength depend on the Dragonborn's level when Salma is first met), seemingly corroborating her assertion that she is from a wealthy family.
  • She is not hostile, but if murdered, the above-mentioned gear can be looted from her body, as well as some gold, non-magical jewelry, and a letter.


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