Not to be confused with Salonia Caelia or Salonia Viria.
"When we get back to Cyrodiil, I swear I will hire an army of battlemages to come up here and set fire to the whole damned province."
―Salonia Carvain[src]

Salonia Carvain is an Imperial noblewoman. She and her husband can be found as random encounter wandering the roads of Skyrim.


Salonia and her husband, Plautis Carvain, are two rich people who travel through Skyrim to attend Vittoria Vici's wedding, which coincides with the Dark Brotherhood quest "Bound Until Death." They are protected by a bodyguard.

She and her husband may be encountered a second time. Her husband will be wearing rags after having his clothes ripped apart by a sabre cat, and Salonia will be barefoot.

After "Bound Until Death" has been completed, they will be found at the Temple of Talos in Windhelm and never make it to the wedding due to their lack of knowledge on Skyrim.

If killed, they have valuable items and killing them won't be counted on the perpetrator's crime record. If the guard is killed or attacked by the Dragonborn it will raise their bounty in Falkreath by 40 points, depending on which level they are at (level 1 was 40 points).


No stopsEdit

Plautis: "Come along, no more stops, we need to find our way to Solitude."

Salonia: "Why are we even going to a wedding at this far flung end of the Empire anyway?"

Plautis: "I told you, it's the wedding of Vittoria Vici, an extremely well connected merchant with the East Empire Company. The Emperor's cousin? Remember? Hopefully these gifts will put us in her good graces, secure that import deal, and lead the way to an audience with the Emperor."

Ruined shoesEdit

Salonia: "I hate it here. Those were my favorite shoes, ruined and for what? We never even made it to the wedding."

Plautis: "Wha... Your shoes? We get robbed by bandits, my clothes torn to shreds by some giant cat, our bodyguard eaten by a dragon... And you're worried about your shoes?"

Salonia: "When we get back to Cyrodiil, I swear I will hire an army of battlemages to come up here and set fire to the whole damned province."


  • "Ugh. Speak to my husband if you must."
  • "Ugh. It's talking to me."
  • "I hate this place. I hate the trees. I hate the rocks. And I hate the snow."
  • "Get away from me, you Skyrim trash."
  • "Clearly you have no idea who I am you or you wouldn't dare approach me."


  • She has the same surname as Narina Carvain, the countess of Bruma during the Oblivion Crisis.
  • Although, if attacked, Salonia runs away initially, she may turn back to fight. This may cause nearby guards to attack Salonia.
  • It is also possible to find Salonia as a cadaver on the road, a wolf prowling near her, or to come across a sabre cat attacking the party, likely killing the couple.
  • If one pickpockets her or bothers her too much, she will take out a contract and send hired thugs.


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