Not to be confused with Salonia Caelia or Salonia Carvain.

Salonia Viria was an Imperial knight. Her ghost resides on the Hill of Suicides. She killed herself, and as such was cursed to wander the hill forever. The only way that the curse can be lifted is if her skull is returned to her.


Ghosts of the Hill of SuicidesEdit

It is a crime in the Shivering Isles to commit suicide, and the punishment for the poor soul is to eternally wander on the Hill of Suicides. The only way to break the curse is if somebody returns the skull to its spirit.

Salonia's skull is located in Cann Amphitheater, and if it is returned to her, the curse will be lifted and she will be freed from it. If all the spirits are freed from the Hills, the Hero of Kvatch will be given the spell "Risen Flesh" as a reward.