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"Ah, splendid, splendid. It's for a special brew I'm working on. A love elixir like none other. Maybe I'll test it on Farengar first..."

Salt For Arcadia is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Salt for Arcadia is a side quest given by Farengar. It is given when he is asked if there are any other practitioners of the magical arts in Whiterun. He will ask that some frost salts need to be delivered to Arcadia.


  1. Give the Frost Salts to Arcadia


After the Dragonborn has received the Frost Salts form Farengar, they should make their way from Dragonsreach to the Plains District of Whiterun and into Arcadia's Cauldron. When the Frost Salts are delivered to Arcadia, she mentions that she is attempting to create a powerful love potion. She rewards the Dragonborn with three potions: a Potion of Brief Invisibility, a Potion of Enhanced Stamina and a Potion of Illusion.


Salt for Arcadia – FreeformWhiterunQuest05
ID Journal Entry
  • Objective 10: Give the Frost Salts to Arcadia
  • Quest complete