"It's hopeless. He told me. He's right, you know."

Salvianus is a mentally deranged Imperial soldier, which can be found hidden away in the Ratway Warrens deep beneath Riften.


On Salvianus' table is an Imperial Officer's Helmet which, when coupled with his name, the fact that he wears Imperial Light Boots, wields an Imperial Sword, has a set of Imperial Armor, and Imperial Bracers implies that he is a former officer in the Legion.

Listening to his quotes, it appears that Salvianus is a veteran of the Great War and was present during the Aldmeri Dominion's siege and capture of the Imperial City between 4E 173 and 174. His reference to the medal he once had indicates that he was rewarded for his service in the Legion, but simultaneously, he wishes above all else to forget circumstances during which he earned the medal.


  • "Their fires lit up the night, all across Lake Rumare, like stars come to earth. It was beautiful, really."
  • "They were golden, even when they were dead. But their blood was red. I knew it would be."
  • "You don't think there's any hope, do you? I don't. He's right."
  • "He explained it all to me. Before, when I still understood. I don't remember, but I still know."
  • "He'll tell you. Just ask. You don't even need to ask. He'll tell you anyway."
  • "I finally understand what it all means. What it was all for. The killing. And the dying."
  • "I had a medal. It had someone's face on it. I threw it away after. It didn't help."


  • When the Thalmor break in the area and begin attacking, he will scream in a fearful rage: "No! You can't be here! You're all dead! I already killed you over and over!"


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