Salvius Farm is a wheat mill and farm in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Salvius Farm stands just outside of Markarth's front gate. The farm contains a few gardens, a grain mill and the Salvius farmhouse. Rogatus Salvius farms the land with his companion Vigdis. According to Rogatus, he has farmed the land for fifty years. He is saddened that his son Leontius never visits.


Salvius FarmhouseEdit

The house is a typical Markarth house consisting out of three parts. The left and right sections constist of a small living space, with the middle area being the entrance. Above the door on the outside hangs a deer skull.



  • 17 potatoes grow to the left of the house and can be sold to Vigidis for 1 GoldIcon each.
  • There are three nests for harvesting chicken eggs.



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