"The Palace of Sentinel, or Samuruik as the citizens call it, is a looming presence within the capital of Hammerfell. The castle is sprawling but eminently defendable, and the parkland that surrounds it occupies much of the city's footprint. This citadel's central golden dome and ornate towers guard against outside invaders, but it is within the cool stone walls and hidden inner chambers that the most blood has been shed. Centuries of violent usurping have coated these mural- and tapestry-filled walls."
Flaccus Terentius[src]

Samuruik, or Castle Sentinel is the seat of power in the Kingdom of Sentinel, which is situated along the Iliac Bay, in the province of Hammerfell. Samuruik was built during the Ra Gada wave that spread across Tamriel, when Grandee Yaghoub had conquered the sands of the Alik'r Desert from the Elves. It is known as the oldest piece of Redguard architecture, being known as a monument. It is filled with murals and tapestry that depicts the greatest points in history for the Redguards. There have been several violent usurpations in Samuruik, so much so that it is someone's job to clean the blood of rags. The High King of Hammerfell has lived in the confines of Samuruik since the city was made into the capital amidst the Tiber Wars, specifically from the Conquest of Hammerfell.[1][2]

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  • There is a common phrase in Sentinel, that refers to Samuruik, "I'd rather be a rug washer in Samuruik." This is a reference to Samuruik's constant usurpations, which have soaked the rugs and tapestries in blood.[1]

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