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"So you're the newest member of our dwindling, dysfunctional little Family. I've heard quite a bit about you."

Sanctuary is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn is tasked by Astrid with familiarising themselves with the members of the Dark Brotherhood before receiving their first assassination contracts.


I must speak with Nazir, in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, and receive my first assassination contracts.


  1. Speak with Nazir
  2. Receive the first set of contracts from Nazir


Following Astrid's instructions, the Dragonborn should venture deeper into the Dark Brotherhood's Sanctuary, where Nazir and the rest of the Brotherhood are talking about their clandestine activities with an air of mirth.

Speaking to the other members yields interesting conversations, but the only critical contact is Nazir. This man has some side contracts to be fulfilled. Nazir is also a Trainer in the Light Armor skill.

Meeting the Brotherhood[]

In addition to Astrid and Nazir, there are others who can be spoken with: Arnbjorn, Babette, Festus Krex, Gabriella, and Veezara. Each offers advice on any future quest related to this faction. Speaking to each between Dark Brotherhood quests is recommended.


The quest is complete as soon as the contract quests are received. The contracts are:

After completing one or more of Nazir’s side contracts, upon returning to the grotto area of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, there is a flurry of activity as Cicero has arrived with his mother. The quest "The Cure for Madness" has the details. After speaking with Astrid to obtain the next quest, "Mourning Never Comes," speaking with Nazir will allow collection of payment for any of the first three contracts.


Sanctuary – DB02A
ID Journal Entry
10 I must speak with Nazir, in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, and receive my first assassination contracts.
  • Objective 10: Speak with Nazir
  • Objective 20: Receive the first set of contracts from Nazir
200 I have spoken to Nazir and received my first set of contracts.
  • Quest complete


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  •  PC   360   XB1   If the three contracts are killed before talking to Nazir, or accepting the contracts then immediately accepting the reward without leaving the area first, Cicero will never spawn, making it so "Mourning Never Comes" becomes impossible to obtain, as Astrid and Nazir will continue to say they have no contracts for the Dragonborn.