Northeast of Kvatch and directly northeast of Shetcombe Farm, Sandstone Cavern is a large, two-leveled cave.


This cave has a variety of flora surrounding it. A couple of Dryad Saddle Polypore Cap, an elf cup, two morning glory, and a primrose are in the immediate area and a few columbines, sacred lotus and water hyacinth can be found just east of the entrance.

Inside there are some wisp stalks and a few cairn bolete. There are a few chests with minor loot and two chests with leveled loot in each room.


  • Sandstone Cavern
  • Sandstone Big Rooms


The Sunken OneEdit

When the Hero enters the settlement Shetcombe Farm, they'll find the first page of a journal that will lead them to Sandstone Cavern. The Sunken One can be found inside the cavern after they have solved what happened to Slythe and he needs to be killed in order to be complete the quest.


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