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"I never thought to see this again. I once possessed it, briefly ... a lifetime ago, it seems now ... To obtain it, and then give it up... I honor your dedication to our cause."
Martin Septim[src]

The Sanguine Rose is a staff that is acquired by completing the quest "Sanguine" for Sanguine at the Shrine of Sanguine.


When used on a target, the Sanguine Rose summons a random Daedra. This Daedra may fight for the target or for the Hero. Unlike the Sanguine Rose that appears in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, which eventually wilts and will no longer be in one's possession, this version of the Sanguine Rose stays in the Hero's inventory, and is rechargeable using soul gems, like other magical staves. This item's strength varies. The strongest Daedra it can produce is a Xivilai. However, it can summon another Daedra in turn, such as a Clannfear.


  • If the Hero gives this staff to Martin Septim during the quest "Blood of the Daedra," he will comment that he once possessed this artifact, albeit briefly. He later became a priest after an unspecified incident involving the staff, which caused the deaths of several of his friends.


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