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Saprius Entius is an Imperial Legion quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.




Saprius Entius can be found in the Vivec Arena Storage area.


Journal Entry
Frald the White told me that a fellow knight, Saprius Entius committed murder. He is hiding somewhere in Vivec City. I must find Saprius Entius and protect him from the authorities. Frald the White will find a way to secret him away where he will stand trial with Imperial justice.
  • Quest accepted
I found Saprius Entius.
Saprius Entius agreed to follow me back to Frald the White in Ebonheart.
Saprius Entius arrived safely in Ebonheart.
Frald the White thanked me for finding Saprius Entius. He will be brought to justice in the Empire.
  • Quest completed
Frald the White accused me of killing Saprius Entius and expelled me from the Legions.
  • Quest completed