The Ayleid Ruins of Sardavar Leed during the Third Era.

Sardavar Leed, also known as Sard was an Ayleid city during the First Era.[1] The Ayleids would use the races of man here as slaves for pleasure and work.[2]

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History[edit | edit source]

In Sardavar Leed, the woman who would be known as Saint Alessia was kept as a slave, among a variety of races of men.[1] She would pray to Akatosh, who looked at the races of Man with pity. Saint Alessia was blessed with the Amulet of Kings, and Akatosh prevented the Ayleids from summoning their Daedric armies.[3]

Slaves[edit | edit source]

The slaves at Sardavar Leed consisted of various races of men, gathered across all the Niben. These were the following:[1]

  • Kothri
  • Nede
  • Al-gemha
  • men-of-'kreath[note 1]
  • Keptu
  • Men-of-ge[note 2]
  • Al-hared
  • Men-of-ket

These slaves were given a variety of chores. They had to lift stones, drain the field, and ensure the upkeep of temples and roads. Other slaves became art-tortures for the pleasures of the Ayleids, such as the wailing wheels of Vindasel, the gut-gardens of Sercen, or flesh-sculpture, which existed all across the lands of the Ayleids. Some were sent to the Fire King Hadhuul, who set the slaves aflame for tiger sport at night, or were drugged with a mixture which created new visions of torment.[1]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Imported from the north, presumably Skyrim
  2. Who would be destroyed when the Flower King Nilichi used them for a sacrifice to an insect god

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