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Sarethi Farm is a wheat mill and farm in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is located far west of Riften and just north of Treva's Watch.


The farm is home to the Dunmer alchemist, Avrusa Sarethi and her sister, Aduri Sarethi. Avrusa tends to her nirnroots crop, and claims to be the only person who knows how to farm nirnroot. The farm contains the only nirnroot crop field in Skyrim.


Smooth Jazbay[]

If Avrusa Sarethi is questioned about how "she looks exhausted," she will explain that she needs 20 jazbay grapes for the soil of her nirnroot crop, she then asks the Dragonborn to collect them and bring them back to her. Completing this quest will make Avrusa available as a spouse.

A Return To Your Roots[]

Showing Sinderion's Field Journal to Avrusa, will either further the quest (if the thirty Crimson Nirnroots have not been collected yet) or complete the quest (if they have).

Alchemy ingredients[]

  • Various ingredients on shelves and in a box in the basement.
  • Two potion recipes and several potions in an end table next to the bed in the basement.





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  •  PC   360   PS3   If during the quest "Season Unending" or the Civil War, the Rift was acquired by the Imperial Legion, upon fast traveling to the farm or walking past the farm a Rift Guard and an Imperial Soldier may spawn, and attack each other.
    • If the Dragonborn attacks the guard and kills him, the soldier will not attempt to arrest them. It is also possible that the fight will drag the attention of the Stormcloak camp nearby.
    • It is possible to help the soldier without killing the guard yourself, just cast a spell like Healing Hands or Heal Other until he wins.
    • If the Dragonborn lingers too long next to the body of the dead Stormcloak, despite being the culprit, the guard may attempt to arrest the Dragonborn, questioning as to whether they know "who did this?" Killing the guard, however, will not add a bounty and neither the Soldier nor anyone around will become hostile.
    • This may also happen with hunters. Two of them will spawn and kill every animal in the farm. The Sarethis will panic as if a crime was being committed. Eventually, a guard will arrive and kill both hunters. If the Dragonborn helps him, no bounty will be achieved.