Satakal is the Yokudan god of everything.[1] He is a fusion of the concepts of Anu and Padomay.[1] In essence, Satakal is much like the Nordic god Alduin, who destroys one world to begin the next.[1] In Yokudan mythology, Satakal had done this many times over, a cycle which prompted the birth of spirits that could survive the transition. These spirits ultimately became the Yokudan pantheon. Satakal is a popular god of the Alik'r nomads.[1][2]

The Maormer king Orgnum, is a deathless wizard who is also said to be the Serpent God of the Satakal.[3]

Hunger of Satakal[edit | edit source]

The Hunger of Satakal apparently was a major problem for the Yokudan deities. Ruptga was the first to circumvent this problem,[1] and taught the others to do likewise, however, soon, he needed to make a new god, called Sep, who apparently was driven mad by the Hunger of Satakal.[1]

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