"You are the one who will be performing the Ristaag with us! Excellent. Rolf Long-Tooth will explain the part you will play."
―Sattir the Bold[src]

Sattir the Bold is a Nord warrior residing near the western shore of Lake Fjalding. He is a member of the Skaal and also one of the hunting party members during the Ristaag.


The RistaagEdit

Having returned the Totem of Claw and Fang to Korst Wind-Eye, he explained to that soon the Skaal will perform the Ristaag, a ritual hunt that is meant to bring favor from the All-Maker on the Skaal.


  • "Shhh...we must hunt carefully and quietly. There is no time to talk. Get back to Long-Tooth! That is where you are to be for the Ristaag."


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