Saving Iszara is a quest in the main questline in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard. The subject of the quest is for Cyrus to save his sister Iszara from Clavicus Vile, by rescuing her from N'Gasta's castle.


After getting to N'Gasta, N'Gasta will explain to Cyrus how Iszara went to him seeking help to resurrect Prince A'Tor from the soul gem. N'Gasta agreed on the condition that she would offer her soul to Clavicus Vile. N'Gasta then reveals that he was not completed his end of the bargain, and that the soul gem with Prince A'Tor is in the amulet Cyrus delivered to Lord Richton at the beginning of the game.


After some dialogue, N'Gasta will attack. Cyrus uses the Flask of Lillandril to reflect the magic N'Gasta hurls toward him until N'Gasta turns into a puddle.

Cyrus notices a book on a pedestal and realizes it is the spell N'Gasta used to reach Clavicus Vile. He mixes his Orc's Blood with the Amber in the room, mixes his Hist Sap with the Unicorn Horn in the room, and mixes the Ectoplasm with the Daedra Heart. He pours the concoctions (The Orc's Blood and Amber, Hist Sap and Unicorn Horn, and the Ectoplasm and Daedra Heart respectively) on the symbol in the floor. A portal that leads to The Fields of Regret opens. Cyrus talks to Clavicus Vile, and offers to wager his soul in a game. Clavicus Vile creates two doors, one which will lead to Cyrus losing his soul, and the other that leads to the return of Iszara's soul. Both are guarded by two guardians: one that always lies and one that always tells the truth. Cyrus may only ask them both one question. Cyrus asks "Which door would the other say is correct?" to the guard on the right door. The guard says that the other would claim the left one. Cyrus goes through the right door, and finds Iszara there. He uses the Flask of Lillandril to reunite Iszara's soul with her body.

Iszara and Cyrus run to the Restless League, where Iszara updates Basil and the others on the situation. Cyrus plans to get the soul gem back. Iszara gives him the key to the palace treasure vaults, and the siblings sail back to the mainland.


  • The spell to get to Clavicus Vile, when translated, says, "The jacinth wakes the rising sun, and snow blankets the grass. But night o'ertakes the mid-day sky, and the gate is opened last."
  • In the game, "Daedra Heart" is misspelled as "Deadra Heart".
  • In dialogue with him, Clavicus Vile says that Hermaeus Mora is his brother.
  • When Cyrus asks Iszara how she got the key to the palace treasure vaults, Basil remarks that the treasury was going to be her jewelry collection, implying that Iszara and Prince A'tor were going to wed before his death.

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