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This note is written by Canonreeve Oraneth. It is found in the public dungeon, Elden Hollow.


1st of Morning Star

The pact is made. I fear even my ancestors would frown on me, or hunt me in the streets for this. I do not doubt the Thalmor will be displeased.

But it is necessary. I have taken a sabbatical from my position as Canonreeve these last months in my effort to conclude this war, but I have been reviewing the field reports. This conflict is claiming double the Altmeri lives as were being lost when I embarked on my journey.

The choice I made was the correct one.

My new master, and the army he has promised, will ensure this war is finished before the year's end.


Savior of the Altmer
Savior of the Altmer, Part 2 Savior of the Altmer, Part 3
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