Savlian Matius is the Imperial Captain of the Kvatch Guard. He helped most of the citizens of Kvatch escape the Daedric attack on the city.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

He assists the Hero in battle during the quests "Breaking the Siege of Kvatch" and "The Battle for Castle Kvatch." After the battle, he stays in the remains of Castle Kvatch's Great Hall for the rest of the game, and gives away his enchanted Kvatch Cuirass in the end.

He is also the person to ask for reinforcements for the quest "Allies for Bruma" since the Count of Kvatch is dead. Unlike the other cities, he gives soldiers to help without any work if the Hero already helped complete all of the Kvatch related quests, even if all his soldiers died during the battle for Castle Kvatch.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"Stand back, civilian! This is no place for you. Get back to the encampment at once!"

What happened here? "We lost the damned city, that's what happened! It was too much, too fast. We were overwhelmed. Couldn't even get everyone out. There are still people trapped in there. Some made it into the Chapel, but others were just run down in the streets. The Count and his men are still holed up in the castle. And now we can't even get back into the city to help them, with that damned Oblivion Gate blocking the way."
What will you do now? "The only thing we can do. We'll try to hold our ground, that's what. If we can't hold this barricade, those beasts could march right down and overrun the encampment. I have to try and protect the few civilians that are left. It's all I can do now."
Kvatch "My home.... my goddamn home, in flames. It kills me that I can't get in there and DO something. We couldn't have been any less prepared for this. Seems like they came out of nowhere. There were just so many of them... If only I had a way to strike back at the enemy. But we can't leave the barricade until that Oblivion Gate is closed."
Martin "You mean the priest? Last I saw him, he was leading a group towards the Chapel of Akatosh. If he's lucky, he's trapped in there with the rest of them, at least safe for the moment. If he's not..."
Oblivion Gate "Some kind of portal to Oblivion. The enemy used them to attack the city -- they appeared outside the walls and daedra poured out! They've opened one right in front of the city gates. Until that Gate is closed, the best I can do is try to hold these barricades."
Show: Breaking the Siege of Kvatch
Outside Kvatch:

"You'd best get back to the encampment. There's no telling when more of them will come out of that infernal Oblivion Gate."

Help "You want to help? You're kidding, right? Hmm... if you're serious, maybe I can put you to use. It'll likely mean your death, though. Are you sure?"
No, I don't think so. "That's what the Empire has come to. I doubt any of the other cities will be sending us aid either. Every man for himself these days. (Or "Then I suggest you head back to the safety of the encampment. I have no more time to talk." if said for a second time)"
I'll do whatever I can. "I don't know how to close this Gate, but it must be possible, because the enemy closed the ones they opened during the initial attack. You can see the marks on the ground where they were, with the Great Gate right in the middle. I sent men into the Gate, to see if they could find a way to shut it. They haven't come back. If you can get in there, find out what happened to them. If they're alive, help them finish the job. If not, see what you can do on your own. The best I can say is, good luck. If you make it back alive, we'll be waiting for you."

"Good luck. It's a brave thing you're doing."

If approached after accepting to aid:

"Until you find a way to close that Oblivion Gate, there's nothing I can do but try to hold our position here as long as I can."

If approached after refusing to aid twice:

"While that infernal Oblivion Gate still stands, I don't dare leave the camp undefended. Are you willing to try and close it?"

After closing the gate:

"You closed the Gate? I knew you could do it! This is our chance to launch a counterattack! I need you to come with us. You've got far more combat experience than these men. Are you able to join us now? I can wait, but not for long. We've got to move quickly, before they have a chance to barricade the city gate."

I'm ready. Let's go. "For Kvatch!"
I'm not ready yet. "The longer we wait, the smaller our window of opportunity. Get ready, and do it quickly. We've got to move soon."

"Be quick about it. This is our best chance to rescue the survivors from the Chapel."

If approached again:

"Are you ready? We need to move out soon, while we still have a chance to strike."

I'm ready. Let's go. "For Kvatch!"

After clearing the front of the Chapel:

"Ha ha! We wiped the bastards out! It's safe to pull those people out of the chapel. Let's get in there and make sure they're all right. Come on. This is only the beginning of the battle for Kvatch. We can discuss the next phase once the civilians are safe."

If approached again:

"Let's get inside the chapel and make sure those folks are all right. If there are injuries, they'll need to be tended to right away."

Show: The Battle for Castle Kvatch
Inside the Chapel of Akatosh:

"You've done it! I can't believe it -- I didn't really think this would work. Maybe we do have a fighting chance. Oh, yes. We're not done. Not even close. This was only the first step. If this town is to be ours again, we'll need to get inside the castle. You've come this far with us; will you go further? If we're going to succeed, I'll need much more of your help. I warn you though, what we've seen so far is nothing compared to the battle that likely awaits us. Take a few moments to catch your breath and think it over. When you're ready, let me know, and we'll get underway."

When approached again:

"Are you ready to go? We need your help getting to the castle, but we need to move soon."

Yes, let's go. "Ha ha, I knew you'd be up to it! Our goal is the Castle gate. We should be able to use this door to get out to the plaza in front of the Castle gatehouse. You know the drill. Stick close, and keep your eyes open. Let's move out!"
No, not yet. "How many times can I say it? There's no time to waste! Hurry it up!"

If approached again:

"We've got to make it to the castle!"

After clearing the plaza:

"Dammit, this is no good! The gates are locked, and the only way to open them is from within the gatehouse."

Castle Gate "We can't open the gate out here. The only mechanism for raising it is inside the gatehouse. And the only way to get inside the gatehouse now would be through the passage at the North Guard House. But that's always kept locked. Hurry and find Berich Inian. He should be back in the Chapel, and should still have the key to the Guard House. Once you've got it, get to the Guard House, find the passage, and open that gate. Then we can get inside the castle and secure it."

If approached again:

"Get moving! We can't do a thing until you get those gates opened!"

After clearing the castle courtyard:

"This area's clear. We've got to get inside and find the Count before it's too late. Move out!"

After clearing the castle courtroom:

"All right, this is it! We'll hold this area. You head to the back of the castle, and find the Count. Don't come back here without him!"

If approached again:

"You need to find the Count! Get moving!"

After finding the body of the count:

"Where is the Count? Why is he not with you?"

I'm sorry. He didn't make it. "We... we were too late? If only we'd gotten here sooner! This is indeed a dark day for all of us left. But I thank you for risking your own life to help us. Did you find the Count's ring, by any chance?"
Lying face-down in a pool of blood! "How dare you mock him, even in death! Had you not been instrumental in getting this far, I'd put you down where you stand. Where is the Count's ring? Do you have it?"
No, I don't have it. "Secure it at once! It's the only thing we have left!"

When securing the ring:

"Do you have the Count's ring?"

Yes, here it is. "At least this is safe. Thank you; I shall make sure it is protected, for the time when a new Count is crowned. Here, take this. I have no use for it; I'm tired of fighting. It may serve you well in days to come."
Martin "He should be around the camp somewhere. He was with the survivors we rescued from the Chapel of Akatosh."
Show: Allies for Bruma
Inside Kvatch:

"Well met."

Aid for Bruma "I have few enough men to spare, but you have more than earned our help. I will send what aid I can. Bruma must not share the fate of our city!"


Conversations[edit | edit source]

Savlian Matius: "Report, soldier."
Tierra: "Sir, we're all that's left. Berich Inian, myself, and these civilians."
Savlian Matius: "That's it? There's no one else?"
Tierra: "There were others, sir. But they refused to stay put. We tried to convince them it was dangerous, but they left anyway. I guess they didn't make it."
Savlian Matius: "Very well. The area outside the Chapel has been cleared, and these people need to be taken to safety. Escort them to the camp south of here at once."
Tierra: "But, sir! I want to help fight!"
Savlian Matius: "You will, soldier. Once they're secure, get back here immediately. We'll need every available blade, and there'll be plenty of fighting to go around."
Tierra: "Sir, yes sir! Civilians! It's time to move out! Let's go!"

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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