"Abandoned by its Dragon Lord long ago, the temple of Zaan the Scalecaller remained empty for centuries, cold and discarded. Now a new cult has taken over the mountain, and their repugnant schemes threaten all of Tamriel."
Scalecaller Peak Loading Screen[src]

Scalecaller Peak is a group dungeon released with The Elder Scrolls Online: Dragon Bones. It is an ancient temple of the Dragon Cult, dedicated to Zaan the Scalecaller, an unnoteworthy Dragon Priest that worshipped the Dragon Thurvokun. A group of Peryite cultists have inhabited the tomb with the purpose of creating a powerful disease.

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  • Scalecaller Peak is built in the Ancient Orcish style, despite it being a Dragon Priest tomb. This likely means that the Dragon Cult took refuge in the ruins after the Orcs had left.

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