Scales of Retribution is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


The Dominion established a foothold in the small town of Murkwater. The Argonian Shadowscales intend to take back the town by force.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Rescue Batar-Meej.
  2. Rescue Nuwisha.
  3. Rescue Radithax.
  4. Rendezvous with the Shadowscales.
  5. Signal the Shadowscales to save three townsfolk.
  6. Locate Haj-Tulm.
  7. Find the Relleis Lor Keystone.
  8. Talk to Silent-Moss.
  9. Collect Fire Salts.
  10. Kill Khasar-dro and Velelya.
  11. Use four fire salts along the river.
    1. Hints: Throw from the river shore.
  12. Talk to Silent-Moss.
  13. Light the fire salts.
  14. Talk to Pale-Heart.


  1. Locate the following and use the whistle.
    1. Neer.
    2. Okalg.
    3. Ushmeek.
  2. Free Haj-Tulm.
  3. Search the chests in the area.
    1. Beware of Skeleton spawns when chests opened.
  4. Go to pirate ship and kill Khasar-dro and Velelya who are located on the main deck.
  5. The fire salts are found in a sack on below deck.
  6. Head outside to the waypoints along the waters' edge.
  7. Use the fire salts.
  8. Talk to Silent Moss.
  9. Return the various waypoints and use the fire salts e.g. Pile of Branches).



  • Persuade can be used on Pale-Heart.
  • Obtaining Keystones will make the final quest in the series easier as they eliminate to solve puzzles in the last dungeon.
  • Completes the Murkwater objective.

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