The Scalon is an aquatic native of the Shivering Isles.


The Scalon, looking strikingly similar to an upright Baliwog, features large fin-laden appendages and dorsal spines.


These creatures are usually quite fearsome, lumbering slowly after prey. Don't mistake its speed for a weakness, as the Scalon has an incredible leaping attack that allows it to strike at its victims from a surprising distance.


Scalons have the ability to cast invisibility on themselves when they detect prey, allowing them to easily ambush careless passersby. Luring them to water is a good counter strategy as they will still cause ripples in the water while moving through it. It's recommended that these creatures be dealt with at extreme range with spells or arrows, as they can be quite ferocious in close proximity.


Another connection that it shares with the baliwog is the fact that its bite or claws can transfer disease to its victim.




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