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Scamps are weak enemies who serve Mehrunes Dagon and are usually found in the realms of Oblivion. Small creatures with an affinity to flame, scamps can cast Flare, a basic fire damage spell, as well as attack with their claws. While they can be troublesome in groups, single scamps can be killed rather easily. Encounters end around level 10, where they are replaced by Clannfear. Below level 10, if a Conjurer is encountered, they will often conjure a Scamp to fight for them, then stand back and cast spells.

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  • Scamps can be summoned as an ally using the apprentice-level Conjuration spell, Summon Scamp.
  • Summoned Scamps do not drop Scamp Skin, as they are summoned and leave no corpse. They can, however, be soul trapped.
  • The Staff of Everscamp continually spawns four scamps around the person who wields it.
  • Scamps appear like a hybrid of mouse and elf, with the lower half of a mouse and the top half of an elf, though the top half is covered in scales and they have both fangs and curved ears, much longer than those of regular elves. It could be that, in jealousy of the mortal races, the daedra tried to create replacements of them to inhabit their own lands.


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