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Scamps are small, agile Daedra that appear in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Personality and combatEdit

Scamps are small Daedra, and they aren't particularly intelligent, but they're agile combatants who delight in cruelty just as much as any of the larger and more powerful Daedra. They're often summoned to perform simple tasks, and make good (if sometimes unruly) messengers and servants. Scamps are able to launch fireballs from their hands and rain fire from the sky. Every now and then, the scamp can be heard gibbering away crazily in their own incomprehensible language.[1]


  • Flare: Basic flame damage attack
  • Heat Wave: [?]
  • Rain of Fire: [?]


Show: Quests

Long Lost LoreEdit


Close the Scamp CavesEdit


Daedric DisruptionsEdit


Hall of JudgementEdit


Hozzin's FollyEdit


Maelstrom ArenaEdit


Restoring OrderEdit


The Death of BalrethEdit

Balreth's Scamps play an indirect role and attack the Vestige.

The Slumbering FarmerEdit


Scamp InvasionEdit

The Vestige must keep a farm safe from a Daedric invasion.



Window on the PastEdit

Scamps have halted Sorcerer Vunal's work on the Brothers of Strife.



Scamps can be found in a number of different locations:


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Related booksEdit

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Related achievementsEdit

  • Oblivion Shard Gatherer – obtain trophies from killing Daedric creatures
  • Trove Scamp Seeker – Kill 1 Trove Scamp (IC)
  • Trove Scamp Slayer – Kill 50 Trove Scamps (IC)
  • Trove Scamp Exterminator – Kill 100 Trove Scamps (IC)





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