The Scathing Bay is a large open bay located on the southern end of Vvardenfell, where the city of Vivec was originally located. The bay was the result of the Red Year, a tragic event in Dunmeri history where the Baar Dau fell from the sky and crashed into Vivec City. The crash landing caused Red Mountain to erupt and destroy the life on Vvardenfell, settlements such as Balmora and Sadrith Mora were destroyed by the volcanic eruption. The Bay takes a large portion of the Ascadian Isles, settlements such as Ebonheart and Pelagiad were completely obliterated by the explosion. The water in the Scathing Bay is boiling, the air smells like hard minerals, and the sky was gray and bleak, practically dead. The area formally called Vivec City was reduced to an island of ash and shattered stone. When the Argonian Invasion arrived in Vvardenfell, Argonian warlocks performed rituals along the Scathing Bay.[UL 1][UL 2]



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