Scavenging for a Scarab is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


I have run into a strange man called Mazrahil the Sly Scarab who was injured. He asked me to search Imperials for documents which are important.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Find Mazrahil the Scarab
  2. Collect Imperial Orders
  3. Return to Mazrahil
  4. Kill Lieutenant Voteporix or Lieutenant Corvinus
  5. Collect Imperial Officer's Signet
  6. Place Forged Second Cohort Orders in the Dispatch Chest
  7. Return to Mazrahil


Find Mazrahil the Scarab in the desert of Bangkorai and talk to him. He will tell the Vestige how he was wounded in an attempt to falsify Imperial orders. He tasks the Vestige to retrieve the orders in his stead in order to make them phony.

Upon following the road to the east, the Vestige comes across an Imperial camp. After killing some Legionnaires, the Second Cohort Orders can be found. Upon doing so, return to Mazrahil, who will falsify the orders.

The Vestige will then be tasked with retrieving an Imperial Officer's Signet from either Lieutenant Voteporix or Corvinus, after which they have to place the Orders alongside the Signet in the dispatch chest of the camp, which can be found in the main tent.

Afterwards, the Vestige has to return to Mazrahil, who will reward them for their aid.


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