The Scions are a breed of vampire that inhabit various regions of Tamriel. Scions are unique among vampires in that they do not worship Molag Bal, but instead worship Lamae Bal, the first true vampire.[1] The Scions detest both Molag Bal (for his defilement of Lamae) and Arkay (for his betrayal of Lamae when he seemingly abandoned her).

The only known way of becoming a Scion is through the Rite of Scion, in which the blood of a mortal who has been infected with a vampiric disease is fully replaced by that of Lamae herself. This rite turns one into a Scion, a vampire with all of the benefits of the Noxiphilic Sanguivoria strain. Scions do not grow weaker in sunlight but rather gain strength during night fall.[citation needed]

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