Scourg Barrow is a dungeon and the main headquarters for the Necromancers. It is located in the Dragontail Mountains, in a secluded area.

Although they are opposed by many, the King of Worms' influence spreads throughout western Tamriel.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

To get to the king of worms, enter the door on the central dome in the exterior of the dungeon. Upon entering, there will be seven white tombs. Open the second one on the left of the entrance, and head down the hidden passage. There will be some damage taken but will not kill you at full health. To the right will be a green tapestry, that when activated, grants levitation for 20 seconds. 

Continue on down the hallway (using the levitation is optional), and head down the to the left stairs. At the bottom of the stairs will be a door on the left. When reaching it you will be confronted by two zombies. It is suggested to jump on the stairs and fight them off, as they cannot walk up them and deal a lot of damage to you.

Upon entering the room from the door, there will be eight other doors. Take the one on the immediate left and continue down the hallway. There will then be a second door, that when opened will show a "T" intersection with two other hallways. Take the one on the left, which will lead to a downward spiral cave.

The cave will contain a fair amount of giant bats. After traveling through the cave take the first right passage. Head down and you will then appear in a room. Go to the left of the room and open the door.

Upon opening the door you will see a large room, containing some guards, dancers, ancient liches and vampires, and the King of Worms himself.

To get out, head back the way you came. Go to the downward passage that originated from the tomb in the first area. You can travel back up using climbing mode or a levitation spell. If you have no levitation spell or not very skilled in climbing mode, activate the green tapestry and use the temporary levitation spell to get out.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Morgiah's Wedding[edit | edit source]

Morgiah, the princess of Wayrest, wants to gain power from the Necromancers. She sends the Hero to deliver a letter to him within 30 days. If delivered, Mannimarco will then give a reply letter to the hero who needs to deliver the letter to Morgiah. If it takes too long to complete the quest it will be failed.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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