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"Preferring the rolling countryside to the city life, they are gifted with the ability to evade, guard and protect themselves with great proficiency."
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The Scout is a premade class.



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Description and useEdit

The Scout is a light combat-oriented class. Like the Barbarian, they are based around agile and speedy skirmish combat, rather than the strong and slow combat of Warriors or Knights. The Scout excels at avoiding damage by dodging, rolling and blocking.

Long treks in the wilderness are the forte of the Scout. This requires them to have the ability to move quickly and navigate tough terrain, so the Scout must be skilled in Athletics and Acrobatics. Scouts usually have traveled far and wide, and know the geography of the land very well.

Scouts also have to know names and usage of the plants and wildlife they meet on their expeditions, so Alchemy is another of the Scout's skills. This skill is very useful for making potions and poisons. A poisoned blade can give the extra damage needed for difficult battles and the use of potions allows for the versatility and healing powers of magic.

Scouts are often required to fight hostile creatures or people while travelling. For this reason, a Scout knows how to use a Blade, how to Block incoming attacks and the use of light armor to provide protection while not significantly hindering movement. The best method of fighting as a Scout is to attack quickly with a shortsword, longsword or katana (daggers have too short of a reach and give too little damage for hit-and-run, while claymores are generally too slow for skirmish tactics), then run from or dodge any incoming counter-attacks. If the attack cannot be dodged, quickly block with a light shield; the protection afforded by lighter armor is not enough to be completely dependent on the armor absorbing the damage like a suit of heavy armor would.

While on a reconnaissance mission for long periods, a Scout's equipment will need to be kept in good condition without the luxury of a nearby blacksmith. A good Scout knows how to be his or her own armorer to sew back the dents and scrapes done to his light hide like armor, which is easier to mend than metal.

Unlike some classes which give you multiple weapon and armor styles, the scout's skills are well balanced. Alchemy for potions, Blade for fighting, Block for avoiding damage, Light Armor for defense without hindrance, Acrobatics for jumping in and out of trouble, Athletics for either escaping a powerful foe or running/swimming great distances without getting winded, and Armorer for repairing their weapons and armor on the fly. As you can see, scout's are survivors and will stand the test of whatever Oblivion throws at them.

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