"You'll get nothing from me!"
―Scout Honorata[src]

Scout Honorata is an Imperial member of the West Weald Legion.


Glooredel & Sergeant Herdor

Scout Honorata: "You'll get nothing from me!"
Sergeant Herdor: "We can do this one of two ways. The quick way ... or the slow way."
[After talking with the Sergeant]
Scout Honorata: "You ... you're bluffing. You'd never do something that stupid."
Glooredel: "Oh, you must have missed my fire in the village. It was glorious."
[After setting fire to a crate]
Scout Honorata: "Gods, you weren't joking? Festius! That's our commander. He and his aides command the assault from inside the ruins! Just stop, please!"
Glooredel: "Very brave. You've earned this."
Sergeant Herdor: "Right. Gloo, get up here. I need to confer with our friend here.


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