Scout Juluda-daro is a Khajiit member of the Aldmeri Dominion. She is part of the forces tasked with holding and defending Senalana.


Gates of FireEdit


Gates of Fire

"Ha! These Colovians were like wheat before the scythe."

The Centurion sent me to receive your report. "Juluda-daro has only a small piece of the puzzle, traveler. Have you found any of her fellows?"
Scout Panamar said this is some kind of vault? "Pah, Scout Panamar is too tall for real field work. Razum-dar told Juluda of the artifact. He led a troop of the Queen's own into the ruin. But the Colovians, bastards. They collapsed the main entrance, and activated a ward on the rear."
How can I get inside? "The ward is not the Colovian's ... it is a defense of the Ayleids. It snapped on when the invaders stole a pair of Welkynd stones from the entrance. Find the stones, return them, and you should be able to get inside."
Good luck, soldier. Thank you.


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