Scroll Sales is a miscellaneous quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. When speaking with 'Ten-Tongues' Weerhat in his shop he mentions "special offers" for certain customers like the Nerevarine. Find out why.



Enter the Pawnbroker in Mournhold's Great Bazaar district and speak with 'Ten-Tongues' Weerhat. He will mention that he may have 'special offers' for customers like the Nerevarine. Asking him about why he is able to offer these special prices on scrolls reveals that he is not so inclined to give out details and seems offended that folks would just assume his offers were not legitimate. When pressed further he cracks and reveals that he's been working with a Khajiit named Ahnia who can be found in the sewers beneath Great Bazaar. The entrance is in the southeast corner of the district.

Once inside the sewers turn to the west and travel up a short slope to find Ahnia standing near a note on the ground. Attempting to read this note prior to speaking with her will cause her to attack. Speaking with her about 'Ten-Tongues' Weerhat prompts her to hostilities as well. Once she is dealt with, which may be a challenge since she's a level 30 Assassin, take the note and return to 'Ten-Tongues'. The note reveals that Ahnia had given a book to 'Ten-Tongues' Weerhat which he was having a hard time selling due to being indecipherable. This is likely why there was such a discount. Return to the Pawnbroker.

Confronting 'Ten-Tongues' with news of Ahnia's death causes him to admit to the whole fiasco and to hand over the stolen book. Attempting to read the book reveals little more than the name of author, Elbert Nermarc. He is an enchanter living in Craftsmen's Hall in Godsreach. He can be found in his room upstairs. Speak with about the stolen book. He'll be surprised and admits to having thought he'd simply misplaced it, then he'll ask for it back. Giving it to him grants a 40-point bonus to his disposition towards the Nerevarine and a small discount on future purchases from him.


Scroll Sales – MS_ScrollSales
ID Journal Entry
10Ten-Tongues Weerhat has suggested that I should stop in occasionally to see if he has any special offers for me.
  • Quest accepted
20When I questioned Ten-Tongues Weerhat about the scrolls he offers at discount prices, he mentioned someone named Ahnia, but wouldn't say more.
30Ten-Tongues Weerhat admitted that he's been involved in some shady business with a Khajiit named Ahnia. She can be found in the Sewers underneath the Bazaar.
  • Enter the sewers beneath Great Bazaar.
40I confronted Ahnia about the scrolls, and she attacked me. I was forced to defend myself, and killed her.
  • Ahnia is located just west of where the sewers are entered when coming from Great Bazaar.
50I found a note suggesting that Ten-Tongues Weeraht has a stolen book in his possession. I should speak with him about it.
  • The note is on the ground beside where Ahnia was standing before the fight.
60When told of Ahnia's death, Weerhat confessed to knowing where the scrolls came from. He gave me a stolen book he'd been asked to sell, and begged me not to kill him.
100I returned Elbert Nermarc's book to him, for which he thanked me, and offered me reduced prices on his goods.
  • Quest complete


  • Journal entry 50 above has Weerhat's name spelled as Weeraht. This typo is shown in both the game and the construction kit.
  • If the second option is taken during the conversation with Elbert Nermarc he will say, "I can't force you to turn it over, of course, but I spent so much time on the work in that book. Please reconsider." There seems to be no penalty to his disposition for teasing him in such a manner.

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