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Sealing the Deal is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is offered by Talen-Jei, who can be found within The Bee and Barb in Riften. Talen-Jei will partly describe the process for a traditional Argonian wedding ceremony of the Black Marsh. Completing this quest will raise Talen-Jei's disposition towards the Dragonborn.


  1. Get three flawless amethysts for Talen-Jei
  2. Return to Talen-Jei


"In Black Marsh, tradition dictates we present a potential mate a unique wedding ring to represent our future bond."

Approach Talen-Jei and converse with him about Keerava. He will ask the Dragonborn to help him craft an Argonian wedding ring by retrieving three flawless amethysts. The flawless amethysts can be either found, stolen, or bought.  Once the three flawless amethysts have been collected, return to Talen-Jei for a reward. The reward is a random non-leveled potion, weak poison, or 200 Gold.


Sealing the Deal – FreeformRiften06
ID Journal Entry
  • Objective 10: Get 3 flawless amethysts for Talen-Jei (<Global=FFRiften06Found</3)
  • Objective 20: Return to Talen-Jei
  • Quest complete

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