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"They returned and slaughtered the daedra here, and when they were done with that, he led them through the gate itself."
―Prince Attrebus Mede, recounting the battle[src]

The second battle at the Oblivion Gate was fought as a response to the earlier massacre that destroyed over half a company of Imperial Legion soldiers. Led by Captain Tertius Ione, the company managed to beat back the Daedra and close their Oblivion Gate.


The events surrounding this Oblivion Gate began when a company of Legionnaires was recalled to the Imperial City to reinforce it against a possible Daedric assault. While traveling through the West Weald, the company was disrupted by the sudden opening of an Oblivion Gate, from whence Daedra appeared and fell upon them. More than half the company, including the commander, were slain; those that survived rallied to Captain Tertius Lone, who led the retreat from the Gate. But Lone was determined to take vengeance on the Daedra and prevent the Gate from menacing the country. He recruited local hunters and farmers from the countryside and the nearby town of Pell's Gate. Training them into soldiers, Lone led his new militia and the remnants of his company back to the Gate to settle the score.

The BattleEdit

At the Gate, Lone and his new company fell upon the Daedra, catching them by surprise and slaughtering them all with little or no casualties. Once the exterior of the Gate was theirs, Lone divided his company, leaving half of them behind to guard the Gate while he took the other half into the portal, and Oblivion itself. Within Dagon's Deadlands, Lone and his men fought their way to the Sigillum Sanguis at the top of the Sigil Keep; there, they were met with overwhelming resistance. Determined that the Gate had to be closed, Lone charged one of his men, a Bosmer named Fenton with retrieving the tower's Sigil Stone while he and the rest of the company held off the Daedra. Though Lone and his men died in their final stand, Fenton did succeed in reaching the Sigil Stone and removing the Oblivion Gate's anchor to Mundus. The Gate was closed.


Fenton was deposited back in Cyrodiil, and was found weeks later half dead and half mad. He died one day after haggardly relating the events that took place in the Gate. The other half of Lone's company that had stayed behind to guard the Gate's exterior had built a small camp of fortifications and buildings to defend against any emerging Daedra. Following the Gate's closing, some of the militia decided to stay at the camp, finding the area a suddenly safe place to settle. Within forty years, the camp had grown into a small yet prosperous town, given the name Lone, in honor of the brave captain that had saved the countryside and led them to victory.



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