Secunda's Kiss is a giant's encampment found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Located south-west of Whiterun in the tundra plains is what appears to be a mammoth graveyard of sorts. The large rocks in the center of the camp are unlike any other found in giant camps throughout Skyrim, as they are adorned with mammoth bones and skulls as if to indicate a special significance, such as sacrifice or decoration. Behind the camp is a path to Bleak Falls Barrow.

Sacred placeEdit

According to Hold Guards, giants consider the place to be sacred as they mention, "The circle of stones to the southwest? That's Secunda's Kiss. The Giants hold it sacred, so tread carefully."

Two giants are typically present in this sparse camp. In addition, one charred skeever and two mammoth cheese pouches can be found near the bonfire.

Notable itemsEdit

  • A chest next to the bonfire.
  • Tundra cotton is plentiful here.
  • giant club, which can only be taken by a follower.




  • Secunda is one of the two moons that are orbiting around Nirn.
  • On the local map it is referred to as "Secunda's Shelf," but elsewhere it is referred to as "Secunda's Kiss."


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