TESV Secunda

Secunda, as seen in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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Secunda, also known as Jone[1][2] or Shandar's Sorrow,[3] is the smaller of the two moons in orbit of Nirn, the other being Masser. The moons can easily be seen in the night sky throughout Tamriel. These two moons do not contribute anything to gameplay outside of scenery in The Elder Scrolls games, except for the fact that Secunda becomes the Bloodmoon in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon expansion of Morrowind.

Orbital characteristicsEdit


The phases of Secunda.

The astronomic definitions of both Masser and Secunda are prone to much discussion. At first glance, both seem to be moons of Nirn; however, on observation of the two moons in both Oblivion and Skyrim, Secunda actually revolves around Masser, showing that Secunda is in fact Masser's moon. Despite this, both moons can still be considered satellites of Nirn, as the center of mass of the Masser-Secunda system is what orbits the planet.


Among the Khajiit, Secunda, as well as Masser, are revered because their lunar phase helps determine the forms Khajiit take at birth.

Lorkhan, "The Missing God", was sundered into two halves during his destruction, becoming both Masser and Secunda.[4] The two moons symbolize his duality, reminding his man-creations of his struggle, likely another reason for the Khajiit's worship.

Becoming the BloodmoonEdit

Secunda Bloodmoon Icon

Secunda as the Bloodmoon.

"Korst Wind-Eye has told me more about the Bloodmoon Prophecy, and the signs that are foretold within. The fire from the lake of ice, the tide of dead horkers. Now the moon itself has turned blood red. He tells me that all that remains is the Hunter's Game."

During the Bloodmoon Prophecy, Secunda became the Bloodmoon once every era. It is the fourth and final sign of the prophecy, as it is tainted with the blood of Hircine's crimson tides. After the prophecy ended, Secunda returned to its normal state.


  • Secunda is a Latin feminine singular adjective meaning "second."
  • The giant camp Secunda's Kiss in Skyrim is named after the moon.
  • Moons of moons, also called subsatellites, are believed to exist in reality, but it is not known for certain; the planet's gravity would tend to 'steal' a subsatellite away from its mean. For example, Iapetus is believed to have once had a subsatellite, which later crashed into it. It is possible that Secunda is kept in orbit by magical means.




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