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For other uses, see Lockpicking.

Security is a skill in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is used to open locks and to disarm traps. Lockpicking takes place in real time, with lockpicks being equipped and readied the same way as weapons. They have 25 uses, and then are used up. There are the same grades of lockpicks as there are Alchemy tools; the grades of these tools are a somewhat similar game mechanic to the grades of Armorer hammers. Two experience points are gained by each successful unlocking, but none at all is gained from failures.

As in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, lockpicks can be bought in select locations, and there is a Skeleton Key that functions for the player very similarly, but without the enhancement to Security and attendant quest item bug.

Probes function in the same way, to remove Traps on locks to make them ready for picking. Traps are most commonly simply elemental and poison damage, but they may inflict other effects as well, such as Paralyze.

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*Note: These items are not found in the game and can only be accessed through Console Commands

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  • Alteration is a useful adjunct to Security, not only for avoiding undesired levelups, but the converse: the Lock spell, absent in Oblivion, can create leveling opportunities.

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