Segunivus Mantedius is an Imperial Savant who resides at the Buckmoth Legion Fort. He is an initiate of the Imperial Cult, and offers training in mercantile, speechcraft and athletics.


Shipment of EbonyEdit

Report an illegal ebony shipment to Segunivus.


Shipment of Ebony

shipment of ebony "Ebony? Why do you have ebony? Are you a licensed trader?"

Truth: Odral Helvi ordered me to deliver it. "Odral Helvi ordered you to deliver the ebony? To whom?"
Truth: Drinar Varyon in Ald'ruhn. "Give me the ebony, and I will investigate Drinar Varyon and Odral Helvi. If what you say is true, I will have them both arrested."
Give Ebony. "This matter is now out of your hands. I will send men to investigate Odral Helvi and Drinar Varyon. If they can confirm your story, I will have both of them arrested."
shipment of ebony "I assure you I will investigate this matter."
Keep Ebony. "If you keep the ebony, I will be forced to have you arrested for failing to cooperate with an Imperial investigation."
Lie. "That's a very interesting story. I'm not sure if I believe it. I'm going to pretend this conversation never happened."
Lie: Yes, of course. "Go about your business then."


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