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Selected Letters from Pacrooti is a book in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Contents[edit | edit source]

This one is forwarding crafting materials to you. Pacrooti looks forward to a long and rewarding relationship with his honored friend, especially since the crooked dealers at the gambling caravan tricked him out of his hard-earned gold. Pacrooti will keep trying until he wins it back. That will teach them. - Pacrooti

Pacrooti is back in the city and has spent many hours combing the tangles out of his fur. Later, he played dice with a young Breton and won an entire set of armor. He thinks he will sell it, as it would be too expensive to have a tail hole added. - Pacrooti

Pacrooti cannot reason with these Bosmer. He found a tree that was brown with yellow leaves, and still they hoot and holler when he tries to cut it down. Why do they call it "The Green Pact" if it pertains to trees of all colors? Elves are crazy. Or maybe just color-blind. - Pacrooti

Dear friend, you would tell Pacrooti if you thought he was being facetious, would you not? The local innkeeper tells Pacrooti that Pacrooti is not to be trusted, but can't give a good reason why. All Pacrooti has done is sleep in his room and take objects left in the open. He has never once told a lie or attempted an immoral act. - Pacrooti

One day, Pacrooti will discover the secret to crossing a river without getting wet. But it is not this day. Pacrooti even paid the ferryman double fare for a smoother ride! The ferryman failed. Pacrooti hopes you enjoy your components. They, fortunately, were in a pack, and therefore, dry. Not so for Pacrooti. - Pacrooti

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