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"How'd you get in here?"

Selene is the Imperial boss of the Blackwater Brigands, an organized group of bandits who hijacked the Bloated Float and took it out to sea.

Selene carries the Blackwater Blade, a leveled fine steel longsword that can be obtained either by killing her or picking the correct response. She also wears leather armor with a Blackwater Leather Cuirass.


An Unexpected VoyageEdit

After the Hero has rested on The Bloated Float, they discover it has been hijacked and is now at sea. The Hero must find out what has happened.


An Unexpected Voyage

"How'd you get in here?"

Shut up and release Ormil! "Ha! Those will be the last words that leave your lips!"
I took the key from Wrath. "Wrath? I told him to guard the wheel and not talk to anybody. Who are you?"
I'm just the ship's cook. "There's no cook on board the Bloated Float! How dare you try and make a fool of me! After I deal with you, I'll feed your body to the slaughterfish!"
I'm here to join the gang. "Hahaha! We made a solemn pact not to let anyone else join the gang. I can remember it clearly even though it was..."
...four months ago? "Wrong, fool. I've grown tired of this guessing game. I've much to do and you're in the way. I aim to rectify that!"
...three months ago? "What? Can no one in this gang keep things secret? I suppose you know why we've taken over the Bloated Float as well!"
To ransom your prisoners. "We aren't here for that! My patience is at an end, as will soon be your life!"
To find the Golden Galleon. "H-how did you know about that? No matter. Once I've taken care of you, we'll scuttle the ship and be off to our safe house. No one will find us there."
You mean in Cheydinhal? "Wrong, fetcher! I'm tired of this conversation! Time to end it with steel!"
You mean in Bravil? "A-again you have surprised me with your knowledge of our operation. I suspect Lynch didn't check all the inn rooms before we departed. You must have been hiding down there and made your way up here. How did you get past Minx, Wrath and Lynch?"
I've killed all of them. "Impossible! You defeated the three of them alone? I - I'm humbled by your skill, and fear that assaulting you would lead to my own quick demise. Please accept my surrender. Here's my blade. Please. No treasure is worth my life. The Bloated Float is yours."

If approached again:

"I've already surrendered. What more do you want?"

After speaking to Ormil:

"I've nothing more to say to you."


  • If the Hero persuades her to surrender, they can still kill Selene, and Ormil will still say the guards took her away.
  • She does not appear in any jail cell in the Imperial Prison.


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