Selvia Famalius is an Imperial warrior and smuggler residing in the cave of Mannammu. She is the third enemy found in Mannammu, found on the first bridge, and patrols up and down the bridge.


The Verethi GangEdit

Eydis Fire-Eye has tasked the Nerevarine with wiping out the The Verethi Gang.


Selvia has no special abilities and only attacks with a leveled sword. In comparison to other enemies in Mannammu, she has the largest amount of health and deals large amounts of damage (she can kill the Nerevarine in one or two hits if no magical shield is present).

Penald the Healer is just on the other side of the bridge and patrols a bit of the cave on the other side. Try to pull Selvia first by approaching the bridge a little at a time, without rounding the corner fully, and wait for Selvia to patrol to where you are in her field of view.



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