"Ah! This one hates being snuck up on."

Senamu-daro is a Khajiit laborer, patron of the Caravan Company Depot in Dragonstar and later appearing in Kvatch, The Eight Blessings.


What are you doing? "Nothing. Well, of course Senamu is doing something. Everyone is doing something all the time. Thinking, breathing... talking to nosy strangers... Senamu is busy-busy, yes?"

What are you doing here, in this room, at this particular moment? "Oh! You want to know what Senamu is doing right now? Yes... well... let me consider... This one lost a... uhm... a..."
What did you lose? "What did I lose? Well—a hat! Yes! A glorious, luxurious, very expensive hat. One of these dirty-cheeked shaveskins must have stolen it! Oh, you should have seen it. Silken trim, brass buttons, thick feathers..."
A hat? That's the best you could come up with? "Oh yes! Made of twice-dyed felt! A deep, smoky green. Like tree-moss after morning dew. It smelled of lilac and rare Alik'r spices. This one was fragrant in that hat!"
I'm not sure about— "And the aigrette! Simply marvelous! Fine etched silver with ivory inlays and a polished ruby setting! You've never seen such plumage. Genuine fellrunner feathers, as long as ja'khajiit's arm!"
This sounds like an elaborate lie. "Oh very well. You caught this one with your amazing perception. But admit it, Senamu's commitment to the lie was impressive, yes? Ah! It feels good to clear the air! Now, this one has thieving to get back to. Stay fragrant, five-claw!"


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