Senchal is a city in the province of Elsweyr.

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The city is located on the southern tip of Elsweyr, along the Quin'rawl Peninsula. Eastern Senchal has a large variety of taverns and open-air markets on the three sides of the harbor. Senchal itself is infamously known throughout Tamriel, due to the amount of illegal trading from seafarers and pirates. The Sload of Thras also buy fresh corpses from Senchal's black market to provide for their practices of Necromancy.[1] Black Keirgo is especially known for being one of the most dangerous areas within Senchal, where many of its inhabitants become addicted to Moon Sugar.[2]



Early yearsEdit

A young Khajiit, known as Rajhin, was born in the Black Keirgo District of Senchal. Rajhin stumbled upon a Daedric artifact known as the Ring of Khajiit. The ring would later make Rajhin one of the most infamous thieves in Tamriel, widely known for his many feats, including stealing Empress Kintyra Septim's tattoo.[3]

First EraEdit

In the early First Era, Elsweyr was divided into sixteen independent realms. Dominance within the regions was determined by the phases of the moons. When the moons are at Syzygy, Senchal is considered dominant among realms.[4]

In 1E 2920, Senchal was ruled by King Dro'Zel and Queen Hasaama. On the day before Heart's Day, Dro'Zel was told a tale about a forbidden relationship that ended poorly. The tale left Dro'Zel very bitter and angry at the Bard that told him. As a result, Dro'Zel summoned the Daedric Prince Molag Bal to demolish the city of Gilverdale in Grahtwood, Valenwood.[5]

Second EraEdit

In 2E 324, Versidue Shaie, the Akaviri Potentate at the time, was murdered in his palace in Senchal by the Morag Tong. This was the first recorded murder ordered by the Morag Tong. From that point on, Versidues's son, Savirien Chorak, took his place as the Potentate of Cyrodiil.[6]

In 2E 560, Senchal was the first location in Elsweyr inflicted by the Knahaten Flu. Afterwords, it spread through the rest of Elsweyr. The flu had originated in Black Marsh, and later destroyed many civilizations in its wake, including the Kothringi.[2][7]

During 2E 864, Senchal was sacked by the Third Legion of the Septim Empire. The battle had been described by Attrebus as a massacre, as men, women, and children were murdered during the sacking.[UL 1]

Third EraEdit

During the Imperial Simulacrum, the Eternal Champion had at one point visited in the city in their quest for a piece of the Staff of Chaos.

Senchal has had an incredible renaissance for twenty years that has made the moon sugar trade increase multifold. Ya'Tirrje is said to have had a luxurious villa in the city. With his money and influence, Ya'Tirrje was able to pay for an abundant amount of security in the city to prevent any crime. All the while, he had his moon sugar operation run through Senchal without any disturbance. His operation had run through many of Elsweyr's major cities, including Orcrest, Corinthe, Torval, and Rimmen.[4]



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