Senche-tiger illustration

Senche-tiger illustrated in the Pocket Guide to the Empire.

Senche-Tigers are a form of Khajiit, and the largest great cats in existence.[1]

Described as monstrous cats, the senche-tiger stands as high as a large horse at the shoulder. Their forelimbs are as thick as columns and half again as long as their rears, giving them an apelike appearance. Senche-tiger coats are tawny, ribboned with stripes the color of dried blood, and their feral yellow eyes seem to promise evisceration.[2] These massive beasts are as smart as any other Khajiit, and can often be found serving as steeds for their more humanoid cousins.[1][3]

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  • The name and descriptions of the Senche-tiger bear several similarities to the Senche-raht.[1][2][3]



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