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Sentinel is a coastal region in Hammerfell, and is home to the kingdom and city of the same name. The kingdom is bordered by several nations including Myrkwasa to the west, Ayasofya to the east, the Alik'r to the south, and Antiphyllos to the southeast. The knightly order present in Sentinel is the Order of the Candle, which is led by both Lord K'avar and Lord Vhosek. The regional vampire clan is the Selenu.

The Redguards of Sentinel celebrate the holiday, Koomu Alezer'i on the 11th of Last Seed, which serves as harvest thanksgiving. Scholars believe that it was once a springtide holiday similar to other holidays.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

"A kingdom in northern Hammerfell, on a peninsula in the Iliac Bay. Queen Akorithi, the widow of the late king Cameron, rules from the capitol city, also called Sentinel. Akorithi's daughter is the Queen of Daggerfall, Aubk-i."
―Sentinel description[src]

Factions[edit | edit source]

  • Order of the Candle
  • [?]

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