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Sep, also known as the Snake,[1] is the Yokudan version of the Missing God. In Yokudan myths, he is often portrayed as Ruptga's helper.[2] He was supposedly created from the dead skins of Satakal when Ruptga sought to create a helper to aid spirits in the Walkabout. However, since Sep was created from the shedded skins of Satakal, he also suffered from the hunger of the Hungry Stomach. He would often try to eat the spirits he was supposed to help, though Ruptga always got the spirits back out.[2]

Sep eventually tired of helping Ruptga, and tricked many spirits into balling up the rest of the old skins to create a new world, promising that it would help them reach The Far Shores.[2] This was a trick though, and the spirits would have to live out the rest of their lives as mortals.[1]

When Sep tricked the spirits, he put one of the stars that Tall Papa had placed in his pocket. This star became a pearl, and somehow became linked to the Hunger.[3]

Ruptga punished Sep for this trickery by squashing him with a big stick. As a result of this, Sep's hunger fell out of his mouth, and is now all that is left of him.[2] The Pearl also fell from Sep's pocket at this point, becoming covered with sand.[3] The other spirits could all attempt to reach the Far Shores, but Sep was stuck slinking around in his new world or floating in the sky, trying to eat the stars.[2] He now lives on as a "non-space" that tries to prevent mortals from reaching the Far Shores.[1]

In some stories, Sep's hunger is related to Avarice in men. These stories tell that the sinking of Yokuda was not caused by the Hiradirge, but rather by Sep's hunger growing strong in men and leading them away from proper reverence of the divines. This caused Satakal to rise from the starry deeps and sink the continent of Yokuda. The hunger of Sep was left behind in sunken Yokuda, but it may make its return someday, as it can never be sated, and it is part of every mortal.[4]

In other stories, when the pearl that Sep stole will be cleansed of it sand, the Hungry Stomach will at last be full, and Sep's hunger will be over.[3]

Sep's Hunger is sometimes associated with Assassin Beetles.[4]

In Hammerfell, Sep's name has been given to certain locations and animals, including Sep's Spine and the Sep Adder.