"I help my husband Rustleif run the forge. He's a marvel with steel."

Seren is a Redguard living in Dawnstar.

Background[edit | edit source]

Seren used to live in Hammerfell until she married the apprentice of her father, Rustleif. The two then moved to Skyrim where they managed a blacksmithing business. They live together in Rustleif's House. Even though she is expecting a baby she still helps her husband around the shop. Like her husband, she sells weapons and armor.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"I help my husband Rustleif run the forge. He's a marvel with steel."

What can you tell me about Dawnstar? "Not much. I came here a few years ago from Hammerfell when I married. The land is beautiful, but I can't stand this cold. I don't know how Rustleif manages it."
You're from Hammerfell? "That's right. Home of the Redguards. The land of sand and seas. I hope one day I'll convince Rustleif to take us back there. Until then, I'm content running the forge together here in Dawnstar."

"We forge every day if you need anything."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I married Rustlief when he was in Hammerfell, apprenticing under my father."
  • "The only thing I dislike about my husband's home is the cold. Why is it always so cold?"
  • "We discovered recently that I am with child. I'll need to stop working next season."

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Rustleif "The forge is hot today."
Seren "Not hot enough. Does your Skyrim ever get warm, husband?"
Rustleif "No, not really."
Seren "[sigh]"

Seren "Rustleif, I've been wondering. Maybe after the baby is born, we should move back to Hammerfell."
Rustleif "Hammerfell? I'm not against the idea, but why?"
Seren "I'm just worried about raising a child in the middle of this war of yours."
Rustleif "[chuckle] War of mine? It's not my war, Seren!"
Seren "Your people's war, I mean. The Nords. What kind of life would we be giving our little one if we stayed here?"
Rustleif "I...well, let me think about it."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Seren is the Welsh word for star, probably referring to the place where she currently lives: Dawnstar.
  • Although she is pregnant, she will never give birth during the events of Skyrim, nor will she show any signs of pregnancy.
  • If Rustleif dies, Seren will become a merchant.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

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  • It is possible that Seren will be found outside the Dawnstar Sanctuary with Rustleif, wounded and on the ground.
  •  360   PS3   It is possible that Seren will be found in the body of water in the middle of Dawnstar, standing in a shallow area with Rustleif. They will not move from this location. They can also be found in the Lover's Tent near town together.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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