"The Midnight Union has taken over Farangel's Landing. They're holding my wife for ransom, but I can't pay it!"
―Serge Arcole[src]

Serge Arcole is a Breton found in Farangel's Landing in Stormhaven. He is a member of the Midnight Union who poses as a noble in distress, seeking help in saving his "wife" from the grips of bandits.


A Ransom for MirandaEdit

Serge Arcole says the Midnight Union is holding his wife, Miranda, for ransom. He wants the Vestige to collect some items and bring them to him so he can bargain from a position of strength.

A Woman WrongedEdit

Serge asked the Vestige to help him incapacitate the smugglers. Then they are to search the counting house for clues as to where Miranda's being held.


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