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"Sergius Terrianus, at your service. Thedret and I go way back, and he said there was need of a Blacksmith here."
―Sergius Turrianus[src]

Sergius Turrianus (Knights of the Nine) quote

Sergius Turrianus is an Imperial blacksmith who appears at Priory of the Nine.


Sergius Turrianus is a friend of Sir Thedret and offers his services as a blacksmith to members of the Knights of the Nine.


After Wisdom of the AgesEdit

After this quest, Sergius will arrive at the Priory of the Nine to help his friend and the rest of the knights. He can repair the Hero's armor and weapons.


"Sergius Terrianus [sic] [Do not change this to Turrianus. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.], at your service. Thedret and I go way back, and he said there was need of a Blacksmith here. It'd be an honor to provide what service I can. So you need anything repaired, you come see me."


  • Even though he has nothing for sale, he can still be invested in.
  • There is also a character called Sergius Turrianus in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim; however, it is highly unlikely that they are the same person, due to the large difference in time that has passed between both games.
  • Despite living and working at the Priory, he is not a member of the faction. In fact he is not a member of any faction.


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  • To make sure Sergius will appear at the Priory, talk to Sir Thedret on the next return after the quest "Wisdom of the Ages" as his post-quest dialog enables the blacksmith. If this is the last Priory of the Nine artifact collected, on return the Hero will be force-greeted by Lathon and sent on The Sword of the Crusader quest; if it is completed without talking to Sir Thedret, the option is lost and Sergius will never appear.


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