"Tertullian, Sergius, and Cicero... the Three Verus Brothers. I'm Sergius."
―Sergius Verus[src]

Sergius quote

Sergius Verus is an Imperial and one of the three brothers at Three Brothers Trade Goods in the Market District of the Imperial City. He wears the typical working apparel; a shirt with suspenders, a pair of tan linen pants and quilted shoes. He carries a key to the shop and a large sum of gold.


Sergius sells the items to My Imperial City House, a few scrolls, weapons (including the Akavari Sunderblade), and repair hammers. He has 1000 GoldIcon for bartering.


Imperial City "The Black Horse Courier is run by three Khajiit brothers. They buy freelance stories with an Imperial stipend, and give the papers away for free."


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