Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls

"Thought I'd come here to be safe. Now they won't so much as let us in."

Sern is an Elder citizen.

He is one of the people who have fled from the Vampires to Fort Dawnguard. He can be found outside the fort, in Dayspring Canyon.


  • "Aren't the Dawnguard here to help, to make it safe for us? Can't see why they wouldn't let us in."
  • "How hard could it be to feed a few extra mouths? I'm sure they can manage, and not leave us sitting out here like cattle."
  • "I won't beg for protection, but I'm not even sure that would work with this Isran."


  • Unlike most of Skyrim's inhabitants, Sern has only one activity in his schedule: Sitting on a log outside Fort Dawnguard.